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At Joe Wear Fitness I pride myself on my ability to make fitness fun and enjoyable whilst keeping you focussed towards becoming a stronger, more energetic and high performing version of yourself

I really care about getting you results and make it my mission to help you find a programme that works for you and your busy lifestyle!

Personal Trainer Newcastle

I'm passionate and friendly and will guide you towards your transformation by keeping you accountable to achieving your goals

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  • Access - As a valued member you have access to me and my team who have your best interests  at heart.

  • Achieve - Train in an environment that is set up to help you achieve what you want. I only let people onto the programme who are willing to work hard and encourage others in the group.

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Joe is a very approachable and knowledgeable coach. I train most mornings and have done for nearly a year. I have used a few different trainers but can honestly say Joe is in a different league. I am fitter, stronger and generally in much better health. I would recommend anyone getting on the waiting list to work with Joe if your aim is to become fitter and leaner.

Paul Goldfinch
CEO Polar Krush

After a long break due to injury, I had not exercised for over 3 months and was very unfit and out of condition. I went to Joe to get a tailored program that would suit me. We did a evaluation that allowed him to analyse where I needed most work and then we started a program of 3x per week. It was tough at first given how out of shape I was but 4 weeks in I can feel that my strength and fitness is improving a lot. The programme is flexible which helps - for example we focused on legs before a skiing trip. I really enjoy the sessions now and would highly recommend Joe to any people thinking about 1 on 1 or group sessions

Trent Ackhurst

As a "seniors" tennis player, strength, conditioning and injury prevention are essential. I could not have achieved my GB Nr 2 ranking or been selected to play for GB in the over 40s age group without Joe's help

Ian Baggett
CEO Adderstone group

Joe is great trainer, I have lost 4.4 Kgs in first 4 weeks through his diverse fitness plan! He is always enthusiastic and motivates you to work.Definitely best trainer.

Yash Mehta

Have to say a huge thankyou to Joe, the challenge gave me a training programme I could really stick to (aside from weekend beers....). It was great to have a set group of exercises that weren't my usual 5 or 10k run and I definitely noticed a difference. Managed to shift a few pounds whilst feeling like I had loads more energy. Got a session booked in now so hopefully i'll be more restrained about the pint consumption! Cheers boss!

Michael Ross
Financial Director Corporate Communications ltd music producer

Having a very demanding job left me feeling tired and overweight. Since I started to train with Joe he has helped me lose a stone in weight but more importantly has helped me keep the weight off as I love to play football and golf it’s important to keep working on my overall strength and fitness. Joe has showed me how to use the gym correctly so now I am fitter than I’ve been in years and have more energy at work, home and for sport!

Russ Ward
Partner Wardhadaway lawfirm

Fantastic Lost 1 stone in 30 days and proved to myself that I do in fact have will power...

Gary Yates

I was overweight and out of shape so I joined Joe's group training. He was very welcoming and made me feel at ease straight away. Within 4 weeks I was fitter, stronger and had lost weight. I would thoroughly recommend Joe to anyone wanting to change their lifestyle!

Jack Lennie

I attend the group training three mornings a week. I started going because of previous success, in 2008, I had training with Joe. I lost over half a stone in my first 6 weeks or so and my waistline is slowly shrinking. It's a friendly atmosphere with a range of different activities each session.

Lee Stafford


If you Sign up to a package and don’t get results having done the work, we’ll refund your money back with no questions asked!

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