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Attention: 10 Things You Should Never Do In The Gym!

I’m about to go on a rant here.

SO be ready.

It’s the number one thing I hate about some gym users.

Leaving the weights out that you use!

Most morning I’ll have clients in early doors and I’ll have to clear up after whoever used it the night before.

A clean training environment is important.

It’s not hard to put them away.

If you’re reading this and think thats me.

Here’s some advice STOP.

So having spent many an hour in the gym here’s a list of 10 things you should never do in the gym!

1. Leave the weights out when you’re finished – Just put them back in the allocated spot please.

2. Use your phone to text, call or tinder swipe (yes i saw one lad doing that the other week) If it’s got your workout plan on or you use the timer then it’s ok.

3. Choose bicep curls as your first exercise.

4. Sweat everywhere then leave a pool for others to swim in. Mop it up.

5. Lift too heavy weights with awful technique. A sure way to visiting the physio.

6. Sit on the bench when you’re not using it for an exercise.

7. Annoy other people in the gym by hogging the weights while chatting to your pals. Gyms a place to train not chat.

8. Walk on the treadmill. I mean what’s the point of going to the gym to walk? go find a hill with some fresh air.

9. Be in there for more than an hour. There’s more to life.

10. Leave the weights out when you’re finished – YES i said that again.

Hey it’s good to have a little rant isn’t it.

Just some solid gym advice.

If you commit any of these crimes above lets make a change and stop.

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P.S I’m going for a green tea and to calm down before the match. COME ON  ENGLAND!_DSC5865


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