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The book was better than the film!

Wowser Monday kicked my Ass.

Battling a bit man flu to.

Get the violins out you say.

Anyways for the first time in my life I’ve used this expression.

The book was better than the film.

I used to think people who said that were talking shit.

Mainly because when at Uni if i’d ever have to read a book for a class I’d skip it and just watch the film.

I used to hate reading.

What a waste of time when I could be playing FIFA or football.

or more than likely I hated being told what to read.

No wonder I got such average results.

Short cuts never work.

So on Saturday me and my lady went to watch Girl on a Train.

I read the book on holiday and thought it was decent.

But the film was crap.

To the point where I fell asleep for most of it.

It’s got slated in the press to.

But I prefer to form my own opinions.

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