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Is he the most boring tennis player of all time?


He takes alot of stick does Mr Murray.

For his appeared dull, dry personality that doesn’t excite some people.

Not that he cares and rightfully so.

So yesterday he won his 5th Queens club tournament.

Quite the achievement i think you would agree.

But yet I still see poeple slating him.

A few years back I watched a presentation from his S&C coach.

I’ll never forget this line.

“He’s the most dedicated hard working professional I’ve ever had to work with, he makes my job easy”

See in this era of everyone wanting success and fame it’s easy to get caught up in all the hype of new super diets and excericse routines.

^^^BS by the way^^^^

I’ve said it many times.

There’s no secrets

There’s no magic exercises or foods.

It’s about progressing and making positive changes.

See people will always criticise and look for weakness in others especially if they’re more successful than them.

I think Mr Murray is still paying for some of the stuff he did in the media when he burst on the scene.

Bearing in mind he’s a tennis player

The media and other stuff probably doesn’t come naturally to him so it’s something he has worked at because if you watch some of the children in need stuff hes done he can be quite entertaining.

I’ll also tell you he is where hes at because he works his ass off and doesn’t listen to peoples opinions on him.

He surrounds himself with a team of people that will help him and if it needs changing he’s not afraid to switch things up.

He wanted to be the best tennis player he could be so did it.

Do you think that would have happened if he listened to everyone’s opinions on him?

All the negative press he has had.

Nope he just set his goals and worked towards it.

Something I admire in anyone is if they can set a goal and go for it.

If it’s to improve your health and fitness you will get the banter and jokes from people trying to put you off.

The old your boring because you don’t wanna stuff your face with take aways.

or you’ve changed now.

Changing your habits and lifestyle is tough and the last thing you need is negativite people holding you back.

It’s why I’m selective on who I take on my Elite Racket Fitness programme.

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