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Dear Roy Hodgson

So Roy and the boys monumentally messed up last night.

It was painful to watch, but the most painful thing overall is how utterly unprepared the team appeared.

In a results business there was only one way for Roy to go after the loss.

As a coach you’re judged on results.

I’m in the same boat (although not quite on the same level)

Now if you’re reading this (highly doubt it) can you please answer these questions.

As a coach you should be able to explain your decisions and reasons behind your choices.

1. Why did you play out of form players such as Sterling and Wiltshire?

2. Why did it take you so long to get Rashford  and Vardy on the pitch?

3. Why did we panic and throw Cahill up front in last few minutes?

4. Why was Harry Kane taking free kicks after delivering such poor quality?

5. Looking back on your performance as a coach what would you change?

See like I said before I’m judged on results.

I don’t always get it right either.

If any coach says they get it right all the time they’re lying.

I’ve made lots of mistakes.

But I keep trying to improve and get better every day.

Did the players not listen to what you were saying?

It just looked like we were so out of sorts and I can’t understand why?

Because you have access to the best facilities and resources in the world.

There’s no way we could be unprepared for such a big tournament.

Just look at Iceland who won simply by being organised and having a stronger team spirit.

Something we appeared to lack and doesn’t require money to buy.

Now I also know it’s easy to look from the outside and criticise without knowing the full facts of what goes on behind closed doors.

But there are thousands of fans who would just like some answers.

But now it’s time to move on.

No point living in the past.

What shouldn’t happen is we make the same mistakes again and again and again.

Einstein said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

And it would be INSANE for England to make the same mistakes in the next world cup.

But going from history of English teams unless something changes we will under perform in the World Cup.

Rightfully so you’re no longer in charge but I’m sure you can forward this to your bosses at the FA.

It’s time for the FA to embrace change and start getting it right.

So we stop having the same conversations after each major tournament.

All the best


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