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The Deluded NUFC Fan!

Well last night didn’t go well for the Toon.

Wasn’t the best performance but looked like they were going to win.

Until a disaster OG in the last minute.

Thing that annoys me the most.

Fans reactions.

The players aren’t good enough

The owner didn’t buy any players in January

The manager didn’t pick the right team.

I mean for heavens sake.

Rafa Benitez who’s won the champions league and managed some of the best teams and players in the world doesn’t know what hes doing!


Last time I checked super geordie Dave wasn’t the manager but for some reason has all the ideas on where the Toon are going wrong.

The GOAL for Newcastle is to get promoted.

Judge them at the end of the season.

Because everything else is irrelevant.

Half the time some fans wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t have something to whinge about.

Just imagine if fans were positive.

For some reason we tend to be on the negative side in this region and overreact to results.

Because when it comes down to it the average fan doesn’t have the necessary qualifications to do the job.

Thats it.

It’s like when people are offering out all this health/fitness advice with ZERO qualifications.

Last time I checked you don’t go to the garage then start fixing your own car.

Yet people go to the gym and try and fix their own bodies.

If you want results with your training you know where I am. (I’ll even show you my qualifications if you want)

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P.S I’ll be judging Rafa and the boys at the end of season.

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