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The dreaded Christmas Party?

I’m going through the process of getting a mortgage at the moment.

What a ball ache.

Anyways yesterday I had to head into a office to get some documents copied.

I was expecting a small little office not a massive call centre with hundreds of people and computers who all seemed to stop and stare at me as I walked in.

Most of these people looked like they were hating life, not surprised as it was a 100 degrees inside the building.

On the wall there was a notice about the xmas party.

Got me thinking it did.

The dreaded Christmas party where you have to spend time pretending you enjoy your colleagues company.

A lot of my clients who lead busy family, work and social lives usually have some issues sticking to their nutrition plans.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not that much of a scrooge, I know you’re going to eat more over xmas and New Year than usual.

But rememeber if you increase the amount of calories you take in then that waist line will shift the wrong direction.

To be honest I’m not the biggest fan of social occassions.

I love spending time with people I get on with.

Others well you couldn’t pay me to socialise with them.

I mean just because it’s a special time of the year why do you have to pretend you wanna be best mates with Ethel from accounting?

I know it’s hard to say no sometimes.

You might be in the same situation?

You don’t wanna come accross as a bore or anti social.

Even though it’s probably the over weight #fun guy pestering you to relax and enjoy yourself.

So what can you do try and make some better choices at these occasions?

Heres 5 tips for you

1. Be the designated driver so you don’t have to drink excess alcohol.
2. Drink water put some lime or lemon in it.
3. Avoid the canopes/nibbles.
4. Portion control, don’t overeat and avoid stuffing your face on that cheese board at the end.
5. Smile and make a swift exit so your not that person everyone’s talking about the next day.

You can thank me later for the tips!

If you’re like me you’re probably starting to think about next year and things you would like to achieve.

I’ve got a couple exciting projects already.

If you’re thinking of setting a fitness goal why not do it properly.

Get in touch for a Free coaching session and i’ll show you how I can help.

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