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Fed up of going around in circles with your training?

You’ve probs seen it all over Flakebook.

The 22 push up challenge to raise awareness for veterans who commit suicide.

I got nominated so thought i’d do it and so many people struggle with push ups I thought i’ll do 22 different versions over the days.

To keep it interesteing and to help others when the ol I can’t do push ups excuse comes up.

Here’s the thing some days I felt like doing some and some I really couldn’t be bothered.

But gone are the days I act only my feelings.

I had a simple goal and plan then stuck to it.

I’ve also nominated 21 people so far (last ones today) some have done it some haven’t bothered.

Not that they had to or anything.

I’ve had a couple people start then just give up.

Each to their own.

But the more I coach the more I start to wonder why people stop and start so much?

It happens so often when people start a new fitness/diet regime.

The initial nerves/excitement at the start.

You’re usually super pumped for the results.

Then you start.

It’s not as easy as you think.

You go through periods of wanting to give up.

Then you just say fuck it and stop and you feel a bit guilty as you feel you haven’t achieved what you want.

Thing is mate.

I get it.

I’ve stopped then started with many an idea.

It’s ok.

Just keep what works and ditch what doesn’t.

When it comes to shifting timber I can guarantee to help you.

The only thing is you need to really want it.

or you just keep going in circles which is frustrating.

Nobody wants that.


P.S You can watch my attempts at push ups here. https://www.facebook.com/joseph.wear

P.P.S If you’re feeling generous make a donation to. http://www.combatstress.org.uk/about-us/

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Joe Wear is a Strength and conditioning Coach based in Newcastle upon Tyne whose proven strategies from the past decade of coaching can help you re-gain your fitness, lose weight and get back to your best! Joe is certified by two of the leading strength and conditioning organisations in the world the United Kingdom strength and conditioning association (UKSCA) and the National strength and conditioning association (CSCS). He is a former professional footballer with Hartlepool united and achieved his exercise and sports science degree whilst on a football scholarship at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.

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