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When you feel like sleeping for days……………

Ever feel like your eyes wanna shut for a couple days?

Had a late night due to football.

Sitting on the bench when it’s freezing cold isn’t much fun.

Getting dropped still hurts at 34.

Luckily i’m a big boy and get over it pretty fast.


Anyways today I’m not firing on all cylinders.

Unlike most coaches who pretend every day is amazing, cheerful and full of awesomeness, I prefer to be more honest!

Get the violins out…………

But heres the thing brosef

the things that separates successful people from unsuccesful.

Read this closely

Successful people do the jobs they hate Unsucessful people don’t.

Can you still produce when you don’t feel like it?

Because far to often all I hear is excuses.

It’s to cold I can’t go to the gym.

I can’t eat healthy it’s boring.

All just made up excuses in your head.

You’re a result of your daily choices.

what goes in your pie hole each day?

What exercise do you do each day?

How do you speak to people each day?

Because there’s no debate

Making consistently good food and lifestyle choices each day will help you get back in shape.

What you need is support and a plan that works.

Apply below



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Joe Wear is a Strength and conditioning Coach based in Newcastle upon Tyne whose proven strategies from the past decade of coaching can help you re-gain your fitness, lose weight and get back to your best! Joe is certified by two of the leading strength and conditioning organisations in the world the United Kingdom strength and conditioning association (UKSCA) and the National strength and conditioning association (CSCS). He is a former professional footballer with Hartlepool united and achieved his exercise and sports science degree whilst on a football scholarship at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.

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