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Funniest Story you’ll read today!

This will brighten up your Tuesday.

I was at my cousins wedding over the weekend.

An amazing time and great to catch up with the fam.

I love a good wedding especially the best mans speech.

Having done one myself it can be a nerve racking experience but great opportunity to embarrass the groom.

So last time I saw my cousin was in Australia in April.

Safe to say he had a great time and like many do returned from holiday carrying a bit more timber than he left with.

Unfortunately his wife’s Granddad passed away shortly after so my cousin had to dig one of his suits out to attend. the funeral

However when he went to put it on lets just say there was more chance of Boris Johnson becoming prime minister. than him fitting in it

So after a mad panic.

The only other option was to wear one of the Grandads suits!!!!

Awkward to say the least.

You can imagine the laughs at the wedding this got.

Great story.

Anyways it got me thinking.

There’s a way to avoid any awkward clothing moments.

It’s to be consistent with your training and nutrition.

^^^that sounded very boring I know^^^

Just the truth my friend.

Saves any potential embarrassing incidents.

The only thing that might happen is you’ll need to buy some smaller trousers or fit back in those old ones.

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