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The funniest thing you’ll read today!

Not the greatest week in the world.

But we all have them don’t we.

Here’s a little story which will make you LOL

So yesterday I was taking my junior tennis players through their S&C session in the gym.

I like to have a bit of banter as we’re training.

The gym doesn’t have to be boring you know!

Anyways one of the palyers asked another one if they know what cockroach is.

and iwth no hesitation one of the lads replied.

yeah it’s a male chicken!!

Gave everyone a right laugh.

Nothing better than seeing people working hard in the gym and enjoying it at the same time.

Tahts what training is about.

Working hard and getting results.

See I love my job.

Don’t get me wrong I still have those days like you when it’s the last thing you wanna be doing.

But sessions like yesterday just reinforced how great coaching people is.

My morning drop a clothes size group has 2 weeks left to run.

And as it’s been a great success here’s all the info for the next one.

I  didn’t jsut make that up by the way.

I’m going from feedback I’ve had from the people on it.


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