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Greed, War and getting Rich!

Watched a cracking film yesterday!

War Dogs.

Two young lads spot a loop hole in the US governement initiative that allows businesses to bid on U.S military contracts.

They start raking in the dollars and getting in a ton of bother.

Thing is one of the main charachters already had a steady enough job as masseuse but didn’t really enjoy it so tried selling high end bed sheets to old people’s homes which also failed.

So when his old mate offered him this opportunity to make mega bucks he took it.

But then greed etc takes over and they end up falling out!

Now I sympathise with him.

Being self-employed can be a tough ol ride.

Not knowing where your moneys coming from etc.

Your income can be up and down!

But then on the other side you have no boss.

If you provide a top service you won’t struggle.

Unfortunately for these boys they slipped up when they forgot to pay a guy who was doing a big job for them.

he ended up reporting them to the police and there business went south!

Apparently it’s based on a true story but obviously slightly exagerateed to make it a good watch!

What’s this got to do with fitness?

Not much to be honest.

Well apart form one of the main characters was obese.

Think he should take some of his earnings and invest it in himself.

Because once you start taking care of your body.

All the other areas of your life will start to take shape.

Healthy body = Healthy mind

More energy = Top form at work and on court

As the festive period is fast approaching don’t be like everyone else and wait for January!

If you didn’t get fit last year what makes this one any different?

Apply here for a programme that works.


P.S <<< fill it in today!

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