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Hairy BBQ ribs are disgusting!

So yesterday me and my lass went on a Sunday session down the quayside.

Looking forward to some nice food and drinks.

Decided to order some overpriced starters from Gusto.

What was served was nothing short of disgusting

3 sticks of asparagus

Calamari which was like chewing plastic.

A selecion of meats which were plonked on a board with some shrivelled up tomatoes and lettuce.

Then to top it off the BBQ Ribs come with some blokes hair in it.

Safe to say it went straight back to the kitchen after speaking with the manager.

A simple I’m very disapointed usually does the trick.

No point getting angry even though it ruined the lunch.

To be fair he was pretty good about it all and took the food off the bill.

See the thing is I’ve no issue paying money for something thats good value and I enjoy.

What I hate is paying good money for crap.

Also can’t stand those cheap people who whinge and moan about the prices of things.

Does my head in.

Like when your out in a group and someone wants to split hairs at the end over what they had to eat and drink.

See sometimes people whinge that they can’t afford personal training.

They think it’s for rich people.

It’s not by the way.

You can train with me for as little as £3.20 a day.

The price of a pint.

I’ll also guarantee to get you results or i’ll give ya cash back.

You just need to do what I ask of you.

or if not you’re just wasting everyone’s time.

The Elite racket fitness programme is designed to get results.

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P.S Ever been so drunk you don’t know what you’re doing? I’ll tell you tomoroow about a couple states I saw at the golf on Friday.

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