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How to deal with disappointment!

Well Saturday didn’t quite turn out so great.

We got beat 3-2 in the FA cup and I was on the bench.

It’s always a little kick in the nads when you’re on the bench, but you can whinge/moan about your situation or you can support the lads.

To be honest my fitness isn’t quite where it should be and I’m off on hols for 2 weeks next Tuesday so wasn’t to surprised.

On the plus side some of my tennis athletes had great results in their tournaments last week.

and which ever way you look at something it comes down to results.

It’s why you compete.

It’s why playing sport is so important.

It teaches you how to deal with winning and losing.

And the sooner you learn to deal with losing the better.

Because it will happen.

One of my hates is when I’m watching junior tennis tournaments and I see tears and tantrums.

But I always hope as they grow and mature they learn that dealing with losing and disappointment is all part of life.

Everyone wants to win but you can learn a lot from losing.

Plus you compete in sport for so much more.

You build long lasting friendships for one.

Two lads from West Auckland were my old teammates from my Hartlepool days (16 years ago) it was great seeing them.

Whatever the results you shake hands at the end and say well done.

It’s what you do with the results thats important.

Take my clients who go through the Elite Racket Fitness Programme.

Everything’s planned out for you to get results so you improve the way you look move and feel.

It’s what i’ll be showing people on this course in September.

But in an industry full of false promises and crap.

I’ll be straight up here my friend.

You gotta be prepared to do the work.

I’ll support you along the way.

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