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I’m So unfit!

Got a massive game for the Stan tonight

Had my usual 5aside last night.

And guess what?

The fitter/hardest working team always wins (usually us)

^^^yeah that was a brag^^^

Far to often i’m up against overweight, unfit men.

or youngsters who have the commitment of a fly and give up when it gets tough.

See how many times have you said to yourself, I’m going to get fit (which means nothing by the way)?

Then something comes along and puts you off.

A negative comment from a friend.

Worried you can’t stick to a routine or nutrition plan.

Work gets to stressful and the take away/beer seem like a much better choice.

Us humans act on emotion and the brain looks to avoid pain.

No wonder lifting heavy or doing sprints puts people off training.

Who wants to be in pain right?

Got that from my current book Why Good People do bad things!

But heres the thing with exercise.

The pain that can often be experienced during or after exercise soon goes away and you start to love the results.

And thats what you should want.


Anyways what’s stopped you doing it in the past?

Drop me a reply and i’ll help you out.
Does all this sound to good to be true?

Don’t wait any longer.

Click the link below and come in for Your 7 day trial next week.


I’ll be in touch straight away.


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Joe Wear is a Strength and conditioning Coach based in Newcastle upon Tyne whose proven strategies from the past decade of coaching can help you re-gain your fitness, lose weight and get back to your best! Joe is certified by two of the leading strength and conditioning organisations in the world the United Kingdom strength and conditioning association (UKSCA) and the National strength and conditioning association (CSCS). He is a former professional footballer with Hartlepool united and achieved his exercise and sports science degree whilst on a football scholarship at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.

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