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When You nearly Ruin All Your Xmas Presents!

So I had to finish the ol Christmas shopping off today.

I go for the least amount of stress possible approach.

The other day I spied a place that wrapped all ya presents for a charitable donation.

Bows, ribbons the lot!

So today I went in with all my presents and a great lad wrapped them all.

Hassle free what a great idea.

Little did I know the bag i carried the presents in had left over food in and basically ruined all the boxes.

I guess it’s the thought that counts?

Anyways as I’m stood in the cue watching all these blokes doing the same thing I starts to think whats a good charitable donation.

the guy in front went with £1.50!!!!

I mean thats just rude.

So I thought it best to make a more generous one as the level of service was incredible.

I’ll pay good money for a service that makes my life stress free.

You should to.

On a side note

the other day I got asked why I’m doing the 30 day Free fitness challenge.

What’s in it for me?

No such thing as a free lunch right?

The thing is you can get great results off this challenge.

I mean you could easily shift a stone like a couple did last year.

Depends how hard you work at it.

Theres no hidden costs or anything.

What I will do at the end is ask if you wanna come train with me in person.

which obviously would be at a cost.

It won’t be some hard sales pitch because I hate that so would never do that to potential customers.

If you just wanna do the 30 days thats great.

If you wanted to then join one of my programmes even better.

It’s totally up to you.

But the challenge is supposed to be a bit of fun that will help shift some pounds.

You just need to be in the Facebook group



P.S https://www.facebook.com/groups/1446377572240519/ come join us!

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