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Why Old School coaches need to move on!

Was listening to Talksport this morning and toad face Harry Redknapp was chatting away.

This is what really does my head in about old stuck in the muds.

He was whingeing on about there being no leaders in football anymore.

How we used to have Stuart Pearce, Sol Campbell, Tony Adams blah blah blah

This is why England struggle.

To many managers/coaches live in the past.

Afraid to move on.

How do you think a young player feels when all they hear is how they’re not good enough.

Nobody responds well to being told they’re constantly not good enough.

Especially in todays world of instant gratification.

Just because a player doesn’t scream, shout and batter everyone in sight.

Doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to offer.

Players today are different.

Old stuck in the muds like Redknapp need to move on.

It’s not good coaching.

Good coaching is about getting the best from who you work with.

Trying to find what motivates the individual.

Personally I hate shouting and screaming.

To be honest I hate noise.

What I love is seeing someone improve.

Grow in confidence.

Start to smile again.

Like what happens when someone goes through a weightloss journey.

You start to look better have more energy and fun.

Too much shouting just becomes noise.

Not my style of coaching at all.

After all how do you know whats going on with the person behind closed doors?

It’s why I like to get to know my clients.

Who are often out of shape and looking for help.

Not to be screamed and shouted at like the military bootcamp down the road.

I’ll show you how to do it on the 7 week course I’m running in September.

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