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When you say something you regret!

Did you see What David Moyes said to that reporter?

Pretty offensive

If you’re one of those easily offended, blame everyone else nothing is my fault kinda person.

Cos heres the thing that does my head in

It was obviously not a great thing to say to anyone man or woman.

But I reckon ol Moysie is probably feeling the heat and under a lot of pressure.

Obviously he didn’t mean it.

He’s even apologised and the reporter accepted it.

 But you not what really does my head in even more?

All these people complaining like they’ve never said anything they regret.


Are they that perfect of humans they’ve never had to say sorry for a mistake.

Which it obviously was.

But you don’t react rationally when under pressure.

I’ve said a ton of stupid stuff.

haven’t you?

See it’s a bit like when overweight people get upset at being called fat.

Yeah I used the F word.

I’ve been fat it’s awful.

You choose to play the victim

You start blaming everyone else.

Start blaming stuff like hormones or genes

Start saying you don’t have time to exercise (you do)

All BS stuff made up.

Now I get it.

It can take a massive effort to change.

But it can be done.

Like I show my clients.

Realistic advice that guarantees you a way to lose fat.

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