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The Scary Truth on who’s watching You!

Watched a cracker of a film yesterday.


Pretty crazy stuff as it’s a true story.

The US government can/are able to watch your every move through your web cams, phones, emails mobile phones etc. (I presume the UK are to)

The main man Snowden decided it’s not right and decides to tell the world via the media.

He believes it breaks human rights when someones watching you and you’ve no idea.

Obviously the government come at it from a safety point of view.

Pretty mind blowing stuff really.

Would it bother you if someone was watching your every move?

Would probs mess with your head like it did Snowdens.

The thing is unless you’re doing something wrong what have you got to worry about?

I’ve got nothing to hide and only a good message to spread about health and fitness.

They wouldn’t find anything of interest in me.

Anyways theres one thing I totally disagree with from our man Snowden.

He works far too much.

I mean he’s got a very stressful job  and it starts playing havoc with his health.

Needs to work on that whole work life balance.

Nearly costs him his relationship too.

I’m all for working hard but not at the expense of other areas of life.

Taking care of your health/fitness being the first priority.

Because a body and mind that works for you will increase your ability to work.

Probs gone a little deep for a Friday morning.

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P.S I’m down 6lbs this week, i’ll tell you exactly how I did it Monday.

P.P.S Start shifting some timber today

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