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How a simple change to your mindset can give you eternal happiness!

So the people have voted and we’re out the EU.

The word Change seems to be to word of the day.

A word that so many Fear.

Well because we’re creatures of habit.

We get set in our ways.

We get upset when our beliefs are questioned.

We get angry when someone doesn’t agree with us.

We look to blame someone.

So many people rely on others rather than relying on themselves.

But let me ask you this?

Do you look to move forwards or backwards with your life?

Personally i’m going forward.

So yeah I might not agree we left the EU.

And some of the cringe stuff i’ve seen on social media has been troubling.

But regardless I’m going to  keep working towards my goals.

What you going to do?

See when people come to see me they usually want to shift some weight.

Which isn’t hard by the way.

In fact my Elite Racket Fitness Programme Guarantees you results.

So why do we live in a world with an obesity problem?

A world where people sedate themselves on drink and drugs.

To avoid reality.

Because often reality sucks.

It’s hard.

It’s uncomfortable.

It’s not always fun.

But i’m a realist.

If you’re looking to make positive changes to your life you can apply for a Free coaching session where i’ll show you exactly what you need to be doing.


About the Author Joe Wear

Joe Wear is a Strength and conditioning Coach based in Newcastle upon Tyne whose proven strategies from the past decade of coaching can help you re-gain your fitness, lose weight and get back to your best! Joe is certified by two of the leading strength and conditioning organisations in the world the United Kingdom strength and conditioning association (UKSCA) and the National strength and conditioning association (CSCS). He is a former professional footballer with Hartlepool united and achieved his exercise and sports science degree whilst on a football scholarship at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.

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