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Top 3 Things To do with Your Leftover Easter Chocolate!

Still got leftovers from Easter?

Yeah me too

But the last of it went yesterday.

Why you ask?

Because all diets start on a Monday, it’s the law.

See after a heavy weekend in Portugal (extremely fun and no regrets btw)

I spent last week battling man flu and eating crap.

Guess what?

My weight fluctuated a couple lbs (no big deal)

So what can you do with your chocolate?

  1. Eat it all in one sitting and not give a F%*k
  2. Give it away – homeless, kids , neighbour etc etc
  3. Factor it into your daily calories and enjoy a treat each day

There’s my top 3

Any more to add?

The worse thing you can do is continue to overeat after a holiday

because that’s when things spiral

I know if I creep up to 90kgs its time to reign it in

I watched a show yesterday Fat, sick and nearly dead.

This guy got pretty good results by only following a juice diet of veg and fruit.

Lost 37kgs in 61 days (nearly 6 stone)

Thing is it’s ok as a extreme kickstart to losing weight

But it can’t be done long term.

Who wants to give up alcohol, nice meals out and social occasions?

Imagine turning up to a bbq in the summer and going “sorry I’m not eating I’m on a juice diet”

Exactly it’s not going to happen.

Anyone that goes from making poor choices with their food and drink to only drinking veg/fruit juice is obviously going to lose weight.

It’s not a miracle it’s called creating a calorie deficit.

Despite what these diet companies try to sell you.

Now you might have to cut back to lose weight but you certainly DON’T have to give up your favourite food and drink.


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