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When I taught Pilates!

Who needs Pilates?

Heard that exact phrase yesterday at the club.

^^^I agree BTW^^^

Back in the day when I was cuttin my teeth in this coaching game I freelanced for a while.

Every Saturday and Sunday morning I taught a circuits class for a local gym.

Had a great little group of regulars.

Anyways straight after my class was a Pilates one.

It was probs the most popular session of the week.

Guess why?

Well the instructor was really good but it was easy for the women and they enjoyed it.

Although none really change bodyshape but it’s going to take more than 1 hour of Pilates for that.

So every now and again the regular instructor would be off and i’d have to step in!!

To be honest I hated it.

But like most things gave it my best shot.

And you don’t wanna look like a divvy in front of 12 women do ya.

Most  of it’s pretty basic core/ stretching stuff.

I’m guessing a proper Pilates teacher would of been horrified but I got out alive!

Well  here’s the thing – you don’t need circuits, Pilates, yoga, meta fit, insanity, body pump or whatever class is flavour of the month.

What you need is a plan designed to challenge you.

A plan designed for a Goal.

Something that you can achieve.

Because jumping from one thing to another never works.

Consistency is key.

Which is what I will teach you.

Don’t be sucked in by the latest craze.

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