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Why You Won’t Lose Weight in 2018! (unless you do two things)

You can complicate it all you want

But losing weight is pretty simple

In fact it’s really simple and this is how you do it.

  1. Move more
  2.  Eat in a calorie deficit.

Download my fitness pal and track what you eat.

A little confession here

I got fat when the football season finished and over the summer piled on 10kgs (1.8 stone)

Had a great 2 week holiday and not playing football or going to the gym is what did it.

Luckily I got the tools and the mindset to fix the situation

BUT a lot of people don’t and need some help (thats what people pay me for)

You might lack motivation – which is ok btw you just need to work out your goals so when motivation drops you can still achieve what you want.

You might hate the gym –  Me to it can be intimidating, boring and you feel like a knob when you don’t know what you’re doing.

It can ALSO be a great experience if you have a goal a plan and a programme especially when you start seeing results from your training.

I get you just wanna eat what you want, which you can (within reason) if you follow a flexible eating approach.

Honestly nobody wants to go on a diet or eat the same boring stuff every day.

Unless you wanna compete as a bodybuilder but I’m guessing you just wanna get back to a weight you’re comfortable at.

It’s took me 12 weeks to shift 10kgs and theres no reason you can’t too.

If you’re prepared to put the effort in that is and well only you can decide that.

So if you didn’t hit your weight loss goals in 2017 why not make 2018 your year?

Make it a lifestyle approach.

Have fun and enjoy the process


About the Author Joe Wear

Joe Wear is a Strength and conditioning Coach based in Newcastle upon Tyne whose proven strategies from the past decade of coaching can help you re-gain your fitness, lose weight and get back to your best! Joe is certified by two of the leading strength and conditioning organisations in the world the United Kingdom strength and conditioning association (UKSCA) and the National strength and conditioning association (CSCS). He is a former professional footballer with Hartlepool united and achieved his exercise and sports science degree whilst on a football scholarship at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.

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