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WTF is Fat Friday?

Fat Friday

Never heard of it before?

One of my clients was saying on a Friday everyone (except for him) orders a chinese for lunch.

I mean holy hell.

I’m guessing not much work gets done on a Friday afternoon.

Strange how we seem to promote that way of living in Britain.

Where it’s frowned upon if you choose foods that will bost your energy not zap it.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the odd take away.

But surely there’s a time and a place.

Being at work not being one of those.

Surely you go to work to make money.

Being in a food comer for 1/2 a day will produce very little.

Just the truth.

What you can do is try and get your nutrition right the majority of the time.

Then of course enjoy the odd take away.

I don’t get how eating healthy has to be classed as boring.

In the Elite Racket Fitness programme there’s recipes and food ideas to keep you on track.

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I’ll put this bluntly only cos i care.

If you constantly eat rubbish you feel rubbish.

^^^^read that again^^^^

After a busy week it’s important to relax and enjoy the weekends.

Key word being enjoy.

If you get your training, nutrition and lifestyle in order.

The weight drops off faster than Usain Bolt in the olympics.

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P.S If you don’t think it’s right for you why not recommend it to a friend?

P.P.S After getting a couple messages about the new TV show I was talking about yesterday and forgetting to let you know what it was it’s called Blindspot 🙂

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